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Welcome to realms where dragons reign, treasures abound, and every adventure leads to magic. Explore stories that spark the imagination and might just awaken the dragon within. Are you brave enough to face the dragon and claim your prize?

From the unyielding grip of ancient magics to the cunning of those who seek dragons, their treasure or both—each story weaves a rich tapestry of magic and lore.

Whether it’s a battle for survival, the forging of an unlikely alliance, or a humorous twist on hoarding habits, our authors invite you to delve into realms where dragons not only hoard gold but also secrets, spells, and sometimes, even friendships. After all, in the world of dragons, not all treasures are silver and gold—some are stories waiting to be told.

Featuring stories by: Adam Strassberg, Brooksie C. Fontaine, Harding McFadden, Deby Fredericks, J.S. Rogers, Christopher Powers, Laura J. Underwood, Anka B. Troitsky, John Lance, Laura Ruth Loomis, Jonah Jones, Nicholas Samuel Stember, Peter Sartucci, Brian MacDonald, Chad Gayle, Jennifer Caracappa, D.J. Tyrer, A.B. Martin, M. Bloom, Alexandria Wyckoff, Mabel Ginest, and L.A. Knight

The Dragon's Hoard 2 (.pdf)

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