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One should not expect to slap the hand of an old crone and expect to walk away without at least a limp. The old witch Ethrel Ibenus is up to her tricks again and this time they’ve turned deadly. But where did her spirit go after Professor Martin shot her with his wee pistol?


Now, all are looking for the crone’s familiar, Seleene. But the big timber wolf cannot be found. The search for the spirit of Ibenus now begins in earnest. Will Entwhistle and her Dwarves be able to help? Perhaps the Green Witch Pereen will be able to use a crystal derived from one of the Witch’s own spells will do the trick. Fearing failure, Entwhistle improvises a plan ‘C’, the use of a mythical creature once thought to be long dead.

The Return of the Black Witch (pdf)

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