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After escaping from Thynitic’s control, Kyrianna and her friends find themselves back on Shokar. All but one—Brular, the priest of Hellavar, who sacrificed his freedom to protect them, is now a prisoner of the Lady of Chaos.


Each member of the group is given a different vision to follow as they seek aid in rescuing Brular in the short time they have before they must journey into the Abyss to challenge Thynitic herself.


As they seek aid from various areas of Shokar, they find their efforts blocked by the temples of Mykaylene and Hellavar. They also learn others are preparing for a coming war against a group they only call the Faithless.


All of them find something unexpected, including Kyrianna—who finds a way to return home as well as an unexpected romantic entanglement.


Kyrianna must make choices—to accept her feelings for Tristan Duvall and risk losing her friend and companion—the unicorn Cewyr. To return home, to a family willing to welcome her back or face the Goddess Thynitic and eventually her own destiny as a Daughter of Chaos.

The Road Into Chaos (pdf)

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