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Terrified shrieks reached Word Warrior’s ears as he floundered up the embankment. In the gully below he saw the blood stained snow and the dead corpse of the screaming kitten’s mother. A stinky shaggy two-leg was trying to capture the youngster and he knew it couldn’t be allowed to. With a battle cry born of his ancestors he charged down the hill - unaware of the high hunter lurking in the pines.

In the storm filled mountains, Anumati heard scratching at the entrance of her den. Her every instinct was to protect the three young who lay at her side. Her body tensed for battle as two howlers padded in.

World Warrior and Anumati are unaware kittens, pups and rightful prey are being stolen by strange metal monster. All that is left behind are odd jagged paw prints of an animal they do not know.

In their world of snow and biting wind they must decide if they trust each other enough to find out the truth or if old predator-prey rules remain with no hope for change.

Winter Awakening (ePub)

SKU: 2011-03 (e1)
$4.95 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price
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