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Wee Folk and Wise
- edited by Deby Fredericks

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All over the world, fairy tales are told.
There are big fairies and little fairies.
Ugly fairies and pretty fairies.
Wise fairies and silly fairies.
Sweet fairies and scary fairies.

Seventeen authors share their own fantastic fairy tales in this magical collection.

What kind of fairy will you meet here?


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Authors appearing in
Wee Folk and Wise

Lillian Csernica, Michael Lee Johnson, Kara Race-Moore, Elizabeth Guizzetti, James Penha, Samuel Poots, Matthew A Timmins, HA Titus,

C.F. Bentley, Sarah Joy Adams, Teresa Milbrodt, Cynthia Ward, Shayna Coplan, Manny Frishberg and Edd Vick, Ben Stewart,

Brandy T Wilson, and Lucy D Ford

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