Wolfsinger Publications requires all submissions to be in Standard Manuscript Format. This enables our staff to quickly
read and format submissions for publication.

Here are our basic requirements for a submission:  

1. The manuscript should be typewritten, not in longhand.

2. Save the document as a .doc or .rtf format.

3. Use a 12-point font like Courier, Courier New, or Times New Roman.

4. Use black text on a white background. Editors have to read a large volume of submissions and this avoids eye fatigue.

5. In single space, include your real name and your contract information, address, city/state/ZIP, phone number, and email
address on the upper left-hand side of the first page.

6. Put an accurate word count at the top right of the first page.

Jane Doe                                                                1,234 Words
111 Center Street
Anytown, USA 11111
(555) 555-5555

7. Center your submission’s title halfway down the first page. Also centered, beneath that type:  the word by followed by
your pen name or your real name, whichever you write under.

8. Margins should be at least one inch around.  

9. Indent the first line of each paragraph ½ inch.

10. Double-space your story’s text. Do not add extra spaces between paragraphs.

11. Section breaks should be indicated by a blank line, then center #, follow that with another blank line.

12. Please use italics for thoughts, other emphasized text.

13. Spell-check and grammar check your manuscript before you submit. Make sure it’s your best work. Our staff will do
light editing, but we expect professional quality work.


Unlike short stories or novels, format your poems like they would appear in print. Single-space within the body of the
verses and then double-space to indicate a break between each verse.   
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